How to Enter the 2023 NSW Secondary Schools Concerto Competition

The 2023 Concerto Competition will consist of three Stages. Stage 1, known as the auditions, will be adjudicated by submitted video recording, as is done currently with AMEB examinations.

The process is:

  1. Submit an entry. This will generate a registration number, which will be advised by email.
    Entries close 10pm Wednesday 1 March 2023.
    Submit an entry here
  2. A recording of the competitor's performance is then submitted using the Concerto Competition 2023 Audition Submission form. Please note that a scanned copy of the score should be included if the piece is unusual or may be unfamiliar to the adjudicators. The adjudicators will review the recording performance and select 20 semifinalists.

Instructions for recording video entry for concerto competition:

  1. The video should be recorded in one take and no editing is allowed.
  2. It must be supervised by an adult.
  3. The candidate and accompanist must be visible for the whole of the recording.
  4. Test your recording equipment prior to your final recording and ensure that the sound quality is good, the balance with the accompanist is good and that the video image is not mirrored. Also check that the lighting is good so that you are clearly seen in the video.
  5. A video resolution of 720p is recommended.
  6. The time limit for the recording is 6 minutes.
  7. Please announce your name, the date of recording and the piece you will be playing at the beginning of the recording.

Uploading your video to youtube as an unlisted video

To create a google account and then a youtube channel:

  1. Go to
  2. If not already signed in, sign in using your google name or gmail address and password, or create new account.
  3. Select camera icon at top right, then Upload video
  4. Click SELECT FILES, and find and select your video recording.
  5. Under Details, enter the title - your name and concerto name
  6. When fully uploaded and processed, click NEXT
  7. Under Audience, select Yes it’s made for kids, then click NEXT
  8. Video elements click NEXT
  9. Visibility, select Unlisted. If you do not do this your video will become public and could infringe copyright laws. Click SAVE
  10. Copy the youtube video link (URL) by going to the account menu (top right hand of screen) and select ‘My Channel’ Select your video then click Share, or otherwise copy the link address. This will copy the link to the clipboard. Paste this link into to the submission form.
  11. Click the "SUBMIT YOUR AUDITION RECORDING HERE" button below, including your unique registration number, and paste the Youtube link (URL) into the form.